Web accessibility

Everyone has different physical, technical and personal skills and therefore everyone interacts differently with their environment. These differences create situations where, for many people, there are barriers which separate them and their objectives.

Accessibility is the set of techniques, specific to each field, which eliminates these barriers and offers equal opportunities for all.

What is accessibility?

Although Internet has been a qualitative and quantitative leap in disseminating information there is large number of people, such as those with a disability, mobile phone users or the elderly, who have difficulties accessing the medium.

Accessibility scope means making any website or service available for everyone regardless of their personal limitations or the limitations arising from the environment from where they connect. This will guarantee equal opportunities for everyone, provide access to culture and, ultimately, to information.

What is Design for All?

Design for All (or universal design) is a list of principles which pursues the design of products and environments which can be used by anyone in society without having to be specially adapted. Accessibility and Design for All go hand in hand and their principles can be summarized as:

Design should be easy and convenient for everyone. Anyone should be able to use the product or service.
It must adapt to different preferences and ways of use.
Simple and intuitive:
It must be understood by everyone regardless of experience, knowledge or concentration capacity.
Easily perceived information:
The user must be able to exchange information easily, regardless of their sensory abilities or the environmental conditions.
Fault tolerant:
The design should minimize any cases of potential user error which may lead to unintended consequences.
Little physical effort required:
The design must be able to be used with minimal effort.
Proper sizing:
Measures and spaces must be appropriate so anyone, regardless of age, size, position and mobility, are able to use the product or service.