23 June 2021

Accessibility of APPS: the deadline has arrived

Imatge de móbils amb accés a les aplicacions

Today, mobile applications are part of our daily lives and also that of people with disabilities or the elderly.

These and many other groups are users of websites but also of mobile applications and for this reason the European Commission has set a date that will force no one to leave anyone behind.

The deadline has arrived. Now not only must websites meet accessibility requirements, but so must mobile applications to ensure the rights of all citizens.

From 23 June 2021 Public sector APPS must be accessible. This obligation is set out in Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices of the public sector.

Our team of experts is already prepared to carry out specialized audits to assess the accessibility of the various types of applications according to legal requirements and to carry out the in official reports requested by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation  in order to be aware of it and to transfer the results to the European Commission.

We also offer specific training and we will start giving talks in order to raise awareness of the need to ensure the accessibility of APPS for everyone.

On July 8 at 13:00 TOTHOMweb will participate in Mobile Week with a talk on accessibility to APPS. Our colleague Ernesto Blanco, an expert in the field, will explain what it consists of.


Accessibility in mobile applications. That is? Why is it especially important in times of pandemic?

Have you ever wondered how a person with a visual impairment uses a cell phone? And a person who can’t use his hands?

According to RD1112 / 2018, public sector mobile applications must be accessible to people with disabilities from 23 June 2021, but what does this mean and how can compliance with the standard be guaranteed? Which professionals are needed for both development and accessibility auditing?

All this takes on special importance in times of pandemic, where interaction with utilities through mobile applications often becomes indispensable.

This online conference will try to answer three main questions about accessibility in mobile applications:

What does it mean for an application to be accessible and why is it especially important in the current conditions, in which multitude of procedures and activities of daily living are developed through the mobile?

What are the professional and technical profiles that are essential to meet this need?

How can accessibility be achieved in order to find the profiles mentioned?

There will also be a small demonstration of the most important aspects of accessibility to take into account in the creation and audit of an application and will show how a blind person can navigate through a mobile phone and what barriers can be found when applications are not accessible.

Organized by: Ajuntament de Terrassa and Tothomweb



Ernesto Blanco

Consultor en accessibilitat web i mòbil, Tothomweb SL




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