12 July 2019

Zapatillas y Sneakers, a socially committed marketing and fashion website that is committed to accessibility

In recent weeks, some members of the TothomWeb team have been working hard to create the ‘Zapatillas y Sneakers’ website @ZapasySneakers, an online magazine for enthusiasts of these products and types of footwear. You can now visit by entering

This project has made us excited because its promoters, without having any legal obligation as they are not a public administration or large company, have wanted us to apply all the accessibility criteria from the beginning so that the website can consult all types of users without distinction. The result is far from a boring, unattractive website with no interaction options. The design, structures and functionalities have been worked on to create a modern, functional and attractive product, qualities that, of course, can and must have an accessible website.

We wish “Zapatillas y Sneakers” @ZapasySneakers good luck on your way and we encourage you to visit the website where you will find News, reviews, product launches and much more.

At the same time, we also encourage small businesses that are not yet required by law to incorporate accessibility, to think about it and apply it as an added value, a social commitment, necessary in order to reach all types of customers.

At TOTHOMweb we can help you create your accessible project. 



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