PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SITE. Using TOTHOMweb S.L. (TOTHOMweb from now on) page implies acceptance of these terms. TOTHOMweb reserves the right to modify the conditions as listed in paragraph V. Please periodically review the conditions if there is any change. No acceptance of these terms invalidate the use of the website.

I. Basic Terms

  • TOTHOMweb allows free access to the content ( for all users. Only registered users can access their personal content.
  • Also, TOTHOMweb allows users to express their opinion and publish their own contributions through the tools available on the platform
  • TOTHOMweb not guarantee uninterrupted website and data availability.
  • The web site is provided "as is" and the user uses it at it's own risk, TOTHOMweb will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of the site or its contents.

II. User Terms

  • The user agrees to register under their real identity and not to provide false or misleading information about him.
  • Any modification of the data must be reported to TOTHOMweb through profile management tools or by email.
  • All users will have only one TOTHOMweb account, even if the user has more than one email. If TOTHOMweb block an account is explicity prohibited from opening a new account.
  • The user must warrant that, in line with current legislation, will not violate copyright or any contractual obligation you have with other, or in general, violate any applicable law.
  • It is strictly forbidden the use of machines, algorithms or other automatic function for access to pages, data mining, content creation or registration and authentication.
  • The user agrees not to publish:
    • Any type of advertising content, even disguised as an article or personal opinion.
    • Contents that are not referred to the post being commented.
    • Repeated content.
    • Contents deliberately false, offensive, defamatory, disparaging, with incitement to violence with racist, pornographic, constitute any form of crime or violate the rights of third parties.
    • Any content disseminating religious discourses, political or, more generally, any kind of ideology.
    • Contents trying to get personal information of other users.
    • Content that incites sending of junk mail, chain mail and or spam.
  • The user is the only responsible for the treatment and confidentiality of the username and password. If you detect fraudulent use of the account, immediately communicate to TOTHOMweb
  • It is strictly forbidden for any user to be identified as TOTHOMweb employee, speaking on TOTHOMweb behalf or use TOTHOMweb logos in their communications.
  • Data from other users can not be used for commercial purposes without your explicit consent in writing.
  • It is not allowed to modify the way TOTHOMweb is shown, especially its content. Also any amendment that prevents the proper display of the content posted by advertisers is forbiden.
  • Not allowed to copy or create a variation of the TOTHOMweb logo or icon.
  • TOTHOMweb reserves the right to apply to users who violate any of the securities, the following sanctions:
    • Final explusion of TOTHOMweb
    • Require financial compensation for the damage and prejudice generated
    • It also reserves the right to pursue legal and criminal proceedings

III. Content Terms

  • The user is solely responsible for the content generated and, therefore, it is the user responsibility to ensure that does not infringe the intellectual property of others.
  • TOTHOMweb reserves the right not to publish and unannounced removal of user-generated content.
  • TOTHOMweb is not liable to third parties for content generated by users and does not guarantee its quality and accuracy. In any case, be considered as belonging to TOTHOMweb and therefore should not be construed as evidence of the opinions or TOTHOMweb recommendations.
  • The member grants all rights to TOTHOMweb, allowing their modification, reproduction, mailing, publication and the session rights to third parties without any compensation for the user.
  • TOTHOMweb is committed to delete any content that harms other companies legally.
  • The user agrees to support TOTHOMweb's defense against these claims, especially by providing all necessary information. The user is obliged to compensate TOTHOMweb for damages which has been subjected by the established requirement of a third party. This includes the costs of legal procedure legal.
  • TOTHOMweb content can only be viewed, downloaded or printed for personal use and always keeping the information on its origin. It is expressly forbidden to copy, transmit, reproduce, publish, republish, display, communicate, transform or partially or completely redistribute the content of this website for commercial or advertising purposes without the prior approval of TOTHOMweb.

IV. TOTHOMweb Responsibility

  • TOTHOMweb guarantees the confidentiality of user personal data and non-transfer on these to third parties without your consent.
  • TOTHOMweb reserves the right to tranfer statistical data or opinions posted by users without involving the sharing of personal data other than the username to third parties.
  • TOTHOMweb will not send advertising of any sort to you without your consent. You have the right to modify its permission at any time.
  • TOTHOMweb is not responsible for data, content or links submitted by advertisers. Cannot be considered the ads or banner ads as a recommendation of TOTHOMweb. Some of the content posted can be charged. Users are responsible for making appropriate inquiries about the services offered by these independent and cost that can lead.
  • The page contains links to third party sites. These sites are beyond the control of TOTHOMweb and therefore TOTHOMweb is not responsible for the content in them exposed. TOTHOMweb provides these links as a convenience to the user but in no case be assumed any kind of affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship with the linked site.
  • TOTHOMweb ensures the access cancellation and deletion of data within one week after notification. Left intact the right to terminate immediately by important reasons.
  • TOTHOMweb reserves the right to partially or completely change any aspect of the services offered and the suspension without notice of them without any compensation or incurring any liability.

V. Basic Terms modification

  • TOTHOMweb reserves the right to change the general conditions advising with a minimum of 2 weeks. The notice shall consist of the publication of the new TOTHOMweb website conditions. Users will have a period of 4 weeks after the publication of the same to show disagreements. After this time the new conditions will by accepted.

VI. Condition Clause

  • The invalidity of one or more clauses of these General Conditions do not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The void will be replaced, with retroactive effect to a regulation as similar as possible in content and effects.