14 July 2021

Web accessibility: Everyone wins!

TOTHOMweb collaborates with the entrepreneurship department of Barcelona Activa and we are pleased to invite you to participate in the session on Web Accessibility that we will do next Friday, July 16 from 10 to 11.30 in the Virtual Classroom.



To imply that today there are audiences (or potential customers) that we are not allowing them to use our services and platforms. Raise awareness that some changes can be made to adapt our platform to a wider audience.

Activity description:
1 in 5 digital users have some functional or cognitive diversity that makes it difficult to access digital products and services. Taking into account inclusive and accessible design guidelines when developing our digital product or service has many benefits: it equals all users, improves the usability of our product / service for everyone, optimizes the performance of web products and compatibility between different browsers and devices and improve the image of your product or service. It also better positions web pages in search engines and brings us closer to the SDGs. Everyone wins!

On this occasion, Ernesto Blanco, web and software developer and accessibility consultant at TothomWeb, as well as a visually impaired person, will show us how to browse different types of digital products (e-commerce, microfinance pages, pages informative) people with blindness and we will discover the importance of designing and programming with disabilities in mind.

This is a workshop where through the analysis and sample of different case studies we will learn the 5 basic points, easy to implement and more necessary to turn your digital product into a much more accessible product.



1 - Introduction: Why do we need to make our products and services accessible? Legality, responsibility and opportunity.

2 - 5 basic points that improve the usability of your digital product or service and make it easier for visually impaired people to use:

2.1 - Titles and sections: Through the analysis of a social platform we will see how to improve the structure of our page.

2.2 - Forms: By analyzing a platform on how to facilitate the use of forms.

2.3 - Images: By analyzing an online store we will see what parameters we can use to ensure that the product information we show via images reaches everyone.

2.4 - Language: Through the analysis of an online store we will see the importance of setting up the language of our page well.

2.5 - Skip content: By analyzing an informative web page we will show the relationship between the correct layout and the "skip content" function, a basic functionality for people who use screen readers.


3 - Questions and answers

This activity is organized by the UXLab of Barcelona Activa and the Fundación Prevent and is aimed at all entrepreneurs or workers who are interested in improving their digital products and services from an accessibility perspective. Beyond the mandatory legality, guaranteeing a minimum of accessibility to our products and services positions us as socially responsible companies.

It’s one of the best rated training sessions at UXLab so don’t miss out.

This activity will be developed in Spanish

More information and registration, here:

Mobile devices available to everyone


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